Our podcasts take a look at some of the issues that come from the Understanding Society study. They feature researchers who have used Understanding Society in their work and guest commentators who have a specialist knowledge of the particular topic.

Some of our podcasts are short, ten minutes or less, introductions to a topic, whilst others run for around 30 minutes and are more in-depth conversations. If you have a question about what you hear please do get in touch.

If you would like to feature in a podcast please contact our Communications team.


Getting online - are older people included?

Are older people getting online and are they included? Age UK researcher Marcus Green looks at the evidence.

Does how we live influence how we sleep?

Dr Graham Law from the University of Leeds talks about new research published in the Open Journal of Epidemiology which uses Understanding Society to examine the links between the composition of households and how well and how long we sleep.

Living with sight loss

NatCen analyst Chris Lord explains the benefits of utilising Understanding Society in third sector research projects such as this project by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

Balancing the books: managing financial wellbeing in later life

David Hayes from the Personal Research Finance Centre at the University of Bristol talks about a joint programme of research with the International Longevity Centre UK which uses Understanding Society to look at the financial wellbeing of people in later life.

Predictors of wellbeing

Jenny Chanfreau from NatCen discusses research undertaken for the Department of Health on predictors of well-being.

Life satisfaction and ethnicity

Dr Gundi Knies talks about new research exploring the links between ethnicity, neighbourhoods and life satisfaction.

Sexual orientation and poverty

Dr Noah Uhrig discusses ground-breaking new research commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation exploring the links between sexual orientation and poverty.

Just how much is a university degree worth?

Professor Adeline Delavande talks about research which uses the Understanding Society Innovation Panel to examine the perceptions of parents and children of the financial value of gaining a degree.

What makes a boomeranger? Moving back in with mum and dad

Anne Berrington talks about what makes young adults return to live with their parents.

Why sample size matters

Dr Olena Kaminska talks about why sample size matters when researching hard to reach sub-sections of the population and why Understanding Society offers not just great data but some innovative and original opportunities to research previously ignored groups.

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