Calls for evidence

31 Jan

Impact of social media and screen-use on young people's health

The Science and Technology Committee inquiry into the impact of social media and screen-use on young people’s health. The Committee would particularly welcome the perspectives and experiences, and details of any initiatives taken, by children, schools and youth organisations. Oral evidence is ongoing. 

18 Feb

Mental health of men and boys

The Women and Equalities Committee launches a new inquiry into the mental health of men and boys. 

Questions which the inquiry will focus on include:

  • What are the most pressing issues that affect men and boys’ mental health, and how are these different to the wider population?
  • What are the social and economic costs of poor mental health in men and boys?
  • What is the effect of the following on men and boys’ mental health: 
    - Gender stereotyping in childhood
    - Gendered expectations around work
    - Fatherhood
    - Media portrayals of masculinity
    - Household finances
    - Relationship and family breakdown?
  • What issues other than access to healthcare affect the mental health of men and boys?
  • Which groups of men and boys are particularly at risk of poor mental health and what is leading to this?
  • What measures are needed to most effectively tackle poor mental health in men and boys and what are the barriers that prevent these being implemented?
  • How effective has Government policy been in improving mental health outcomes for men and boys?
  • How effective are the following at tackling poor mental health in men and boys:
    - NHS England
    - Public Health England
    - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
    - Local Authorities
    - Schools
    - Local support groups, faith groups, carers, friends and family
31 Dec


POSTnotes are short summaries of public policy issues based on reviews of the research literature and interviews with stakeholders from across academia, industry, government and the third sector. POSTnotes are often produced proactively, so that parliamentarians have advance knowledge of key issues before they reach the top of the political agenda. 

A variety of POSTnotes are worked on at any one time, covering a range of issues. 

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