Children's mental health in the transition from childhood to adolescence

The Children's Society and Barnardo's collaborated on a joint project using Understanding Society to investigate the predictive and protective factors for young people to have good mental health.

Barnardo's and The Children's Society worked with the Understanding Society Policy Unit as part of the Research Voucher Scheme. The primary aim of the project was to uncover the different trajectories of mental health in young people and to understand which factors were associated with better mental health outcomes for 10-15 year olds. 

The project looked at predictive and protective factors, such as exercise, diet, family relationships, bullying and screen time, which could be identified as helping or hindering young people's mental health. The charities were also interested in which factors could be influenced through intervention programmes, schools or changes to family life. The results of the project were used in a joint report on factors affecting children's mental health over time. 

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