Measuring National Well-being - health, 2013

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Jen Beaumont and Helen Lofts

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This article analyses by age and other variables two of the current measures of national well-being: ‘satisfaction with health’ and ‘evidence of mental ill-health (GHQ)’ and their relationship to well-being. There is also contextual information about other variables related to health which may affect an individual’s well-being. The data used are from Understanding Society, the UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS) 2010–11.


Government, Well Being, Societies and Health



Also published in Health Statistics Quarterly, Autumn 2013, pp.16-29; Is referred to by: Davies, S.C. (2014) Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer 2013, public mental health priorities: investing in the evidence. London: Great Britain. Department of Health