Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 6: results from methodological experiments

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Understanding Society Working Paper Series


Nick Allum, Katrin Auspurg, Margaret Blake, Cara L. Booker, Thomas F. Crossley, Joanna d'Ardenne, Malcolm Fairbrother, Maria Iacovou, Annette Jäckle, Olena Kaminska, Peter Lynn, Cheti Nicoletti, Zoe Oldfield, Stephen Pudney, Sebastian Schnettler, S.C. Noah Uhrig and Joachim Winter

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This paper presents some preliminary findings from Wave 6 of the Innovation Panel (IP6) of
Understanding Society: The UK Household Longitudinal Study. Understanding Society is a
major panel survey in the UK. In March 2013, the sixth wave of the Innovation Panel went into
the field. IP6 used a mixed-mode design, using on-line interviews and face-to-face interviews.
This paper describes the design of IP6, the experiments carried and the preliminary findings
from early analysis of the data.

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