Who wants to move? The role of neighbourhood change

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Journal Article

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Environment and Planning: A


William A.V. Clark and Rory Coulter

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There is growing interest in how, when and where neighbourhoods affect individual behaviours and outcomes. In Britain, falling levels of owner-occupation and the growth of ethnic minority populations have sparked a debate about how neighbourhood characteristics and neighbourhood change intersect with the decision to move. In this paper we investigate how mobility preferences vary with neighbourhood characteristics and neighbourhood change. We use multilevel logistic regression models to test whether this is configured by personal attributes or attachment to one’s neighbourhood and perceived similarity to one’s neighbours. The results show that neighbourhood deprivation, changes in neighbourhood ethnic composition and changes in tenure mix are associated with preferring to move. Importantly, we show that a feeling of belonging to the neighbourhood or feeling similar to others in the neighbourhood significantly reduces the desire to move.

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47, 2683-2709






Area Effects, Ethnic Groups, Social Capital, Housing Market and Social Psychology



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