Father involvement with children and couple relationships

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Eloise Poole, Svetlana Speight, Margaret O'Brien, Sara Connolly and Matthew Aldrich

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Within the household there is a network of relationships which cannot be viewed separately. In couple households with children, key relationships are the relationship between the parents and the children and the relationship between the parents themselves. This paper uses data from the UK-wide survey Understanding Society (2009-2011)1 to investigate father involvement with their children, couple relationships and the interaction between the two.
Firstly we examine the ways in which parents report upon their involvement with their children. The factors associated with paternal and maternal involvement are also explored. Secondly we look at how fathers and mothers report the quality of their relationship with each other and the factors associated with better relationships for each. Finally we seek to answer the question of whether parental relationship quality matters for parents’ involvement with their children.
Overall we find a link between more positive couple relationship and more involvement with children, for both fathers and mothers.
Key findings of our analysis are discussed in this paper, while a comprehensive set of tables about parental relationships and father and mother involvement with their children are published separately http://www.modernfatherhood.org/publications/father-involvement-with-chi...


Young People, Family Formation And Dissolution, Sociology Of Households and Social Psychology