Geodemographics and spatial microsimulation: using survey data to infer health milieu geographies

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Conference Paper


Jens Kandt

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This paper presents an approach to infer lifestyle
geographies from survey microdata as building block of purpose-built
geodemographics. 33,000 England and Wales residents have been clustered into
nine lifestyle milieus based on a range of behavioural and attitudinal
variables. The milieus strongly differ by individual social and demographic
circumstances. Spatial microsimulation can be used to estimate probabilistically
the geographical distribution of milieus. Preliminary results for London are
presented in this abstract, demonstrating how extensive behavioural information
of social surveys can be combined with the nearly complete coverage of spatial
census data within a geodemographics framework to inform policy interventions.


Area Effects, Geography, Demography, Health, Microsimulation and Social Behaviour