Social networking sites and employment status: an investigation based on Understanding Society data

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Book Chapter


John Mowbray, Robert Raeside, Hazel Hall and Peter Robertson

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An analysis is made of secondary data derived from Understanding
Society: The UK household longitudinal study (2012) as related to the
use of social networking sites (SNSs) amongst 16-21 year olds. This
explores the relationship between employment status and the use of SNSs,
and other key variables cited in the extant literature pertaining to
the adoption of SNSs. The results of the analysis are then used as a
basis to discuss future research on the information seeking behaviours
of young job-seekers in the UK, using social media tools such as SNSs.


Information And Communication Technologies, Social Networks, Science And Technology, Information Networks, Young People and Labour Market



Paper presented at 2nd International Data and Information Management Conference (IDIMC 2016), January 2016 held at Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK