How does housing affect work incentives for people in poverty?

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Kenneth Gibb, Mark Stephens, Darja Reuschke, Sharon Wright, Kirsten Besemer and Filip Sosenko

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This report explores how housing impacts on work incentives, and opportunities to progress in work, for those in and around poverty. It highlights a well-entrenched work ethic among people who are likely to command only modest wages, and the multiple disincentives they face arising from the cost of housing, transport and childcare.


Area Effects, Social Networks, Labour Market, Unemployment, Poverty, Public Policy, Welfare Benefits, Transport, Commuting, Housing Market and Caregiving



Referenced by: Understanding Society (2018) ‘Written evidence from Understanding Society the UK Household Longitudinal Study (WSN0051) [Work and Pensions Select Committee. Welfare safety net inquiry]’. London: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Work and Pensions Select Committee.