Economic assimilation of pre-and post-2004 EU enlargement immigrants to the UK -MSc dissertation-

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Giuseppe Forte

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I employ the first five waves of the UK Household Longitudinal Study to test the Immigrant Assimilation Hypothesis – i.e. whether immigrants converge to native labour market achievement. In addition, I test whether assimilation is different for post-2004 immigrants. For earnings, I find an average yearly assimilation rate in excess of 2%, which bridges the 32% earnings deficit at entry in around 25 years – although dividing immigrants by region of origin shows a great amount of heterogeneity. Immigrants do not present lower probability of employment at entry, with some groups instead being more likely to find employment than natives. Post-2004 immigrants are not found to behave differently from pre-2004 immigrants.


Area Effects, Migration, Education, Labour Market, Labour Economics and Wages And Earnings