Youth drinking in transition

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Ian Wybron

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1) New Demos research finds that despite an overall declining trend in youth alcohol consumption, harmful drinking remains rife in both offices and campuses. 2)Manual workers and young professionals are up to twice as likely to binge drink than public sector employees. A quarter of young workers cited ‘stress relief’ as a reason for their drinking. 3) Young people using social media were also found to be more likely to be heavier drinkers. 5) Despite growing awareness of health risks and progress from Government and industry alike, enduring peer pressure and social norms mean many young people continue to see binge drinking as a ‘rite of passage’ at university, and a critical part of working life. 6) New Demos analysis also suggests that Government statistics could be underestimating number of 16-24 year-olds drinking to excess by as much as 600,000 (10pp)


Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Social Networks, Young People, Public Policy, Well Being, Social Behaviour and Social Psychology



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