Never too early, never too late: social and biological influences on health and disease over the lifecourse

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David Blane, Noriko Cable, Tarani Chandola, Hannah-Marie Creese, Alexis Karamanos, Yvonne Kelly, Meena Kumari, Rebecca Lacey, Wendy Lu, Claire Mawditt, Anne McMunn, Scott Montgomery, Gopal Netuveli, Tahera Razavi, Andy Ross, Libby Webb and Afshin Zilanawala

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This free plain English booklet (28 pages) summarises some of the work ICLS researchers and others have done and the implications that can be drawn from the research to help people have as many healthy, rewarding and disease-free years in later life as possible.


Medicine, Science And Technology, Health, Life Course Analysis and Social Behaviour



Coordinators: Patricia Crowley and Zaynab Ismail

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