Young adults' licence-holding and driving behaviour in the UK: a summary of findings

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Ann Berrington and Julia Mikolai

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Since the mid-1990s there has been a decline in car use among young adults, especially among young men. This decrease is associated with both a reduction in the proportion of young adults who hold a full driving licence, and a decline in the average annual number of car miles driven. It is important to understand the factors associated with young adults’ driving behaviour, since this age group may be leading a trend away from car use.
The aim of this report - by Ann Berrington & Julia Mikolai - is to examine the individual, household, and local area level characteristics associated with driving behaviour in the UK among young adults aged 17–34. Four dimensions of driving behaviour are investigated: whether a young adult holds a full UK driving licence; the number of miles driven in the past 12 months (among those who hold a full UK driving licence);the mode of transport used to commute to work; and the difficulties that young adults report when commuting to work by car.


Young People, Commuting and Travel