Good childhood report 2017

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Larissa Pople and Gwyther Rees

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The Good Childhood Report 2017, produced in partnership with the University of York, is the sixth in a series of annual reports published by The Children’s Society about how children in the UK feel about their lives. The report examines the latest trends in well-being over time, explanations for gender patterns in well-being, and insights into how multiple experiences of disadvantage are linked to children’s well-being.
Our latest report shows that young people’s happiness is at its lowest since 2010. Fear of crime, living in a family struggling to pay the bills and not having enough emotional support at home are just some of the serious problems that leave teenagers more likely to be unhappy. Teenagers with more than seven serious problems in their life are ten times more likely to feel unhappy than those with none.


Psychology, Young People, Well Being and Social Psychology


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