Woman’s Hour report: the best places in Britain for women

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Allison Dunatchik, Javiera Cartagena-Farias, Julia Griggs and Elena Mylona

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Our analysis considered a broad variety of indicators related to women’s quality of life, from income to access to quality schools to air quality. The indicators selected for our core index cover eight broad domains: Income; Housing affordability; Personal wellbeing; Safety; Education; Life expectancy; Environment, and Culture.
Recognising that the factors that affect women’s quality of life likely differ by age and stage of life, we also created three sub-indices: one for young women (age 18-30), one for women in the middle age group (30-65) and one for older women (65 and older). These sub-indices include additional domains affecting particular age groups such as: Local area age profile; Employment; School quality; Mortality, and Social networks/isolation.


Area Effects, Geography, Living Standards, Well Being and Societies



Understanding Society data used in Culture domain

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