Home-owners and poverty in Northern Ireland

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Alison Wallace, David Rhodes and Firona Roth

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This briefing draws out the key findings for Northen Ireland of a wider study looking at the circumstances, living conditions and finances of contemporary home-owners who experience poverty or have inadequate incomes. It is based on data from the 2013/14 Understanding Society survey.


Area Effects, Households, Economics, Poverty, Public Policy, Debt: Indebtedness and Housing Market



This study uses five waves of Understanding Society and the British Household Panel Survey between 1993/4 and 2013/14. The analysis was supported by a literature review and in-depth interviews with policy and industry stakeholders.; Referenced by: Understanding Society (2018) ‘Written evidence from Understanding Society the UK Household Longitudinal Study (WSN0051) [Work and Pensions Select Committee. Welfare safety net inquiry]’. London: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Work and Pensions Select Committee.