An unequal playing field: extra-curricular activities, soft skills and social mobility

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Michael Donnelly, Predrag Lažetić, Andres Sandoval-Hernandez, Kalyan Kumar and Sam Whewall

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This report highlights disparities in children’s participation rates across a wide range of extra-curricular activities depending on their social background.
The Social Mobility Commission recommends that the government, schools and voluntary organisations: 1) Introduce a national extra-curricular bursary scheme for disadvantaged families, 2) Provide funding to develop and extend voluntary sector initiatives that allow access to activities, 3) Increase the capacity of schools to provide extra-curricular activities and provision of extra information, 4) Improve data collection and continue research into soft skills development


Psychology, Young People, Education, Child Development, Poverty, Public Policy, Income Dynamics, Sport, Arts, Social Stratification and Social Mobility



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