Understanding Society COVID-19 Survey, Wave 1, April 2020: health and caring

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Research Paper


Michaela Benzeval, Cara L. Booker and Meena Kumari

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The health and caring section of the Wave 1 COVID-19 survey covered five broad topics: 1) Experience of COVID-19 symptoms, testing and hospitalisation. 2) Use of health services for long-term health conditions. 3) Mental health and loneliness, using the same scales as the Understanding Society main survey so change can be investigated. 4) Health behaviours, also using scales carried on the main survey. 5) Reciprocity – an adapted version of the ‘caring’ module from the family networks section in main survey asking about receipt and giving of care and how this has changed during the pandemic.
In this briefing we take a first look at the health data, where appropriate comparing with data from Wave 9 (2017/18) of the Understanding Society main survey.


Psychology, Demography, Public Policy, Well Being, Health, Social Stratification, Caregiving and Covid 19


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