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Tracking financial well-being using the Understanding Society survey - tables annex

Matt Barnes, Nhlanhla Ndebele, Kirby Swales


Have we overestimated the relationship between income and financial well-being?

Matt Barnes, Nhlanhla Ndebele, Kirby Swales

Children with special educational needs far more likely to be unhappy at school, study finds

Matt Barnes, Eric Harrison

The wellbeing of secondary school pupils with special educational needs: research report

Matt Barnes, Eric Harrison

DisabilityYoung PeopleEducationPublic PolicyWell Being

Child poverty transitions: exploring the routes into and out of child poverty, 2009–2012

Matt Barnes, Chris Lord, Jenny Chanfreau

Young PeoplePovertyPublic PolicyIncome DynamicsHousehold Economics

Mortgage interest rates helping the rich to save more?

Matt Barnes, Chris Lord

EconomicsSavings And AssetsHousehold Economics

Poverty in perspective

Matt Barnes, Andy Ross, Gareth Morrell, Claudia Wood, Jo Salter

Sleep patterns and health: analysis of the Understanding Society dataset

Matt Barnes, Christos Byron, Kelsey Beninger

Well BeingHealth

Multi-dimensional poverty: a research methodology to create poverty typologies

Matt Barnes, Ashley Brown, Gareth Morrell, Nilufer Rahim, Andy Ross

Poverty in perspective

Claudia Wood, Jo Salter, Gareth Morrell, Matt Barnes, Ally Paget