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Environmental attitudes and behaviour: who cares about climate change?

Peter Lynn, Simonetta Longhi

Environmental SociologySocial Attitudes

Local environments

Nick Buck, Birgitta Rabe

Environmental SociologySocial GroupsArea EffectsSocial Capital

Determinants of participation in the United Kingdom: a preliminary analysis

Emanuele Ferragina, Mark Tomlinson, Robert Walker

Environmental SociologySocial CapitalSocial AttitudesSocial Behaviour

Social and health patterning of sleep quality and duration

Sara Arber, Robert Meadows

Appendix: Understanding Society design overview

Jonathan Burton, Heather Laurie, Peter Lynn

Using experiments to guide decision making in Understanding Society: introducing the Innovation Panel

S.C. Noah Uhrig

Measuring work: prospects for labour market research in Understanding Society

Mark L. Bryan

Employment and unemployment at a time of recession

Mark P. Taylor

Labour MarketUnemploymentEconomics

Family relationships

John Ermisch, Maria Iacovou, Alexandra J. Skew

Life satisfaction and material well-being of young people in the UK

Gundi Knies

Young PeopleWell Being

Bullied at home and at school: relationship to behaviour problems and unhappiness

Dieter Wolke, Alexandra J. Skew

Young PeopleWell BeingSocial Behaviour

Income and other measures of material well-being

Richard Berthoud

Income DynamicsWell Being

Health over the life course: associations between age, employment status and well-being

Cara L. Booker, Amanda Sacker

Labour MarketHealthLife Course Analysis