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Geographical data

Gundi Knies

Area EffectsGeographySurveys

Does it pay off to work on a low wage?

Gundi Knies, Alexander Plum

Area EffectsRegional EconomicsLabour MarketUnemploymentWages And Earnings

Does income matter for children’s happiness?

Gundi Knies

Times have changed - kids now prefer being at school to the holidays

Gundi Knies

Easter break may not be a happy time for children

Gundi Knies

Children happier in term-time with Easter holidays most gloomy, study finds

Gundi Knies

Children are ‘happiest at school’

Gundi Knies

When are children happiest? When at school, research suggests

Gundi Knies

Exploring the value of Understanding Society for neighbourhood effects analyses

Gundi Knies

Area EffectsGeographySurvey MethodologySurveys

Income effects on children’s life satisfaction: longitudinal evidence for England

Gundi Knies

PsychologyYoung PeopleIncome DynamicsHousehold EconomicsWell Being

Health Committee. Children and young people's mental health - role of education inquiry. Written evidence from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex (CMH0111)

Cara L. Booker, Gundi Knies

PsychologyYoung PeopleWell BeingHealth