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Poverty hits more children and pensioners, says charity

UK's progress on fighting child poverty 'in peril'

Millions on the breadline in broke Britain

From 2:1 degree to zero-hours contract

Sue Maguire, Emma Mckay

Why is parenthood disproportionately affecting women’s career prospects?

Sue Maguire, Emma Mckay

Young women 'being shut out of the jobs market' – how to boost your own chances

Sue Maguire, Emma Mckay

Motherhood reduces effect of education on young UK women's career prospects

Sue Maguire, Emma Mckay

Lies, damned lies and citizenship tests

Alita Nandi

Associations of C-reactive protein and psychological distress are modified by antidepressants, supporting an inflammatory depression subtype: findings from UKHLS

Amanda Hughes, Meena Kumari

PsychologyMedicineWell BeingHealthBiology

As good as it gets? The adequacy of retirement income for current and future generations

David Finch, Laura Gardiner

Older PeoplePensionsPovertyLiving StandardsPublic PolicyIncome DynamicsWages And Earnings

Young, female and forgotten? Final report

Sue Maguire, Emma Mckay

Young PeopleLabour MarketUnemploymentPublic PolicyWell BeingLife Course AnalysisSocial Policy

Autonomy at work is a good thing: but that does not mean managers are willing to offer more flexibility to employees

Daniel Wheatley

Education, income and happiness: panel evidence for the UK

Felix FitzRoy, Michael Nolan

PsychologyEducationEconomicsIncome DynamicsWell BeingLife Course AnalysisHigher Education

The Big Five personality traits and partisanship in England

Toke Aidt, Christopher Rauh

PoliticsPublic OpinionPsychologyElections. Electoral BehaviourLife Course Analysis

Inflation report

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EconomicsDebt: IndebtednessFinanceHousing Market

Financial stability report

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EconomicsDebt: IndebtednessFinanceHousing Market

An integrated approach to bias in a longitudinal survey in the United Kingdom: assessing construct, method, and item bias in the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12)

Isabel Benítez, Byron G. Adams, Jia He

PsychologyDemographyMigrationSurvey MethodologyEthnic GroupsWell BeingHealthSurveys

Improving household finances data with joint interviewing and a balance edit: cognitive testing of a 'Benefit Unit Finance' module

Tim Hanson, Phil Westwood, Jonathan Burton, Paul Fisher

Information And Communication TechnologiesSurvey MethodologyFinance

Understanding how people conceptualise household finances

Thomas Chisholm, Heidi Hasbrouck, Alice Coulter, Annette Jäckle, Jonathan Burton

HouseholdsSurvey MethodologyIncome DynamicsSavings And AssetsHousehold EconomicsDebt: IndebtednessFinance

Understanding Society: how people decide whether to give consent to link their administrative and survey data

Kelsey Beninger, Ali Digby, Gurprit Dillon, James MacGregor

PsychologySurvey Methodology

Unretirement - one in four Britons return to work

Loretta G. Platts, Laurie M. Corna, Diana Worts, Peggy McDonough, Debora Price

A quarter of Britons ‘unretire’ within 15 years of retiring

Loretta G. Platts, Laurie M. Corna, Diana Worts, Peggy McDonough, Debora Price

Extra 20 minutes commuting per day 'equivalent to 19% pay cut' for job satisfaction

Kiron Chatterjee, Ben Clark, Adam Martin, Adrian Davis

Why you should live closer to work: 20 minutes extra commuting per day is equivalent to a 19% pay cut when it comes to job satisfaction

Kiron Chatterjee, Ben Clark, Adam Martin, Adrian Davis

Long slog to office ‘as bad as a pay cut’

Kiron Chatterjee, Ben Clark, Adam Martin, Adrian Davis