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Applying Prospect Theory to Participation in a CAPI/Web Panel Survey

Peter Lynn

Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 11: results from methodological experiments

Jonathan Burton, Roxanne Connelly, Mick P. Couper, Thomas F. Crossley, Catherine De Vries

Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 10: results from methodological experiments

Tarek Al Baghal, Caroline Bryson, Hayley Fisher, Tim Hanson, Curtis Jessop

Some Indicators of Sample Representativeness and Attrition Bias for BHPS and Understanding Society

Peter Lynn, Magda Borkowska

Design and implementation of a high quality probability sample of immigrants and ethnic minorities: lessons learnt

Peter Lynn, Alita Nandi, Violetta Parutis, Lucinda Platt

MigrationSurvey MethodologyEthnic Groups

Data quality in the Understanding Society youth self-completion questionnaire

Aigul Mavletova, Peter Lynn

Young PeopleSurvey MethodologySocial Stratification

Mounting multiple experiments on longitudinal social surveys: design and implementation considerations

Peter Lynn, Annette Jäckle

The implications of alternative allocation criteria in adaptive design for panel surveys

Olena Kaminska, Peter Lynn

Web-CAPI sequential mixed mode design in a longitudinal survey: effects on participation rates, sample composition and costs

Annamaria Bianchi, Silvia Biffignandi, Peter Lynn

Total survey error for longitudinal surveys

Peter Lynn, Peter Lugtig

The advantage and disadvantage of implicitly stratified sampling

Peter Lynn

Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 8: results from methodological experiments

Mathew Creighton, Jennifer Dykema, Alessandra Gaia, Alexandru Cernat, Dana Garbarski

Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 7: Results from Methodological Experiments

Annelies G. Blom, Jonathan Burton, Cara L. Booker, Alexandru Cernat, Malcolm Fairbrother

The role of email addresses and email contact in encouraging web response in a mixed mode design

Alexandru Cernat, Peter Lynn

Targeted initial letters to longitudinal survey sample members: effects on response rates, response speed, and sample composition

Peter Lynn

Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 6: results from methodological experiments

Nick Allum, Katrin Auspurg, Margaret Blake, Cara L. Booker, Thomas F. Crossley

Using motivational statements in web instrument design to reduce item missing rates in a mixed-mode context

Tarek Al Baghal, Peter Lynn

Measurement effects between CAPI and Web questionnaires in the UK Household Longitudinal Study

Jorre T.A. Vannieuwenhuyze, Peter Lynn

Longer interviews may not affect subsequent survey participation propensity

Peter Lynn

Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 5: results from methodological experiments

Katrin Auspurg, Jonathan Burton, Carl Cullinane, Adeline Delavande, Fumagalli Laura

Targeted response inducement strategies on longitudinal surveys

Peter Lynn

Going online with a face-to-face household panel: initial results from an experiment on the Understanding Society Innovation Panel

Annette Jäckle, Peter Lynn, Jonathan Burton

Information And Communication TechnologiesSurvey Methodology

Mode-switch protocols: how a seemingly small design difference can affect attrition rates and attrition bias

Peter Lynn

The propensity of older respondents to participate in a general purpose survey

Peter Lynn

An initial look at non-response and attrition in Understanding Society

Peter Lynn, Jonathan Burton, Olena Kaminska, Gundi Knies, Alita Nandi