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"The British Household Panel Survey" & "Understanding Society: The UK Household Panel Survey": 22 Years of Longitudinal Research

S.C. Noah Uhrig

An Examination of Poverty and Sexual Orientation in the UK

S.C. Noah Uhrig

An Examination of Poverty and Sexual Orientation in the UK

S.C. Noah Uhrig

Family fortunes: the bank of mum and dad in low income families

Ryan Shorthouse

Social NetworksHouseholdsPovertyIncome DynamicsFinance

Associated social factors of hypertension in adults and the very old: UK Understanding Society cohort, 2009-2010

I. Shiue, K. Hristova

Mortgage interest rates helping the rich to save more?

Matt Barnes, Chris Lord

EconomicsSavings And AssetsHousehold Economics

Alternative sequential mixed-mode designs: effects on attrition rates, attrition bias, and costs

Peter Lynn

Tailoring mode of data collection in longitudinal studies

Olena Kaminska, Peter Lynn

Measuring National Well-being - what we do - September 2013

Chris Randall

GovernmentWell BeingSocietiesSocial Capital

UK contract awards: TNS BMRB wins 16.3 million GBP contract for surveying services

Elderly in north/south web divide

Elderly in north/south web divide

Internet use amongst older people subject to North/South divide

Elderly in north/south web divide

Concerns over elderly's lack of internet access

Pensioners in the North of England less likely to use web

Suffolk: more than half of people aged 65 and over in Suffolk are online, new figures show

North-south divide in internet use amongst over 65s

Study shows north-south divide in over-65s' internet use

North-south divide among silver surfers, says Age UK

Active travel to work and cardiovascular risk factors in the United Kingdom

Anthony A. Laverty, Jennifer S. Mindell, Elizabeth A. Webb, Christopher Millett


Low carbon behaviours framework - key behaviour areas - data for Scotland

- -

Environmental SociologyHouseholdsPublic PolicyGovernment

OP94 Bias in consent to health data linkage: evidence from a UK cross-sectional survey -conference paper abstract-

L. Patterson, S.M. Cruise, D. O’Reilly

Survey MethodologyHealth

The potential of existing cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys to support the Commonwealth Games 2014 legacy evaluation

Carolyn Black, Sara Davidson, Chris Martin


OP47 Is active commuting good for our health? -conference paper abstract-

E. Flint, S. Cummins, Amanda Sacker