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Why 2017 may have witnessed a Youthquake after all

Patrick Sturgis, Will Jennings

Want your own home? Have wealthy parents

John Wood, Stephen Clarke

Flexibility not helping workers

Heejung Chung

Labour hits out at 'outright discrimination' after investigation uncovers scale of home rental ads banning benefit claimants

One in 10 rental homes advertised as excluding benefits claimants

1 in 10 online property adverts refuse to consider benefit claimants, even if they can afford it

Online property adverts 'refusing' tenants on benefits

1 in 10 properties online likely to be advertised unlawfully

Property portals heavily criticised for allowing ‘No DSS’ rental listings

One in 10 rental properties advertised as ‘no housing benefit’

Research at DWP: our research is used to understand, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate our policies and services

Research suggests cognitive ability may 'buffer' the impact of social disadvantage on mental health

Emma Bridger, Michael Daly

Teachers who work longer hours are slightly more likely to stay in the profession, according to new research

Jack Worth, Sarah Lynch, Jude Hillary, Connie Rennie, Joana Andrade

Most teenagers fail to achieve salary ambitions by age of 30

How do career dreams really work out?

Career expectations of young people versus reality

Construction falls out of top 10 professions for young

Immigrants carry saving habits of their origin country in UK: study

Joan Costa-Font, Paola Giuliano, Berkay Ozcan

A quarter of Brits reliant on cash from family members, report

Nigel Keohane, Nicole Gicheva, Andrew Barlow

Difficult childhood experiences could make us age prematurely – new research

Amanda Hughes, Melissa Smart, Tyler Gorrie-Stone, Eilis Hannon, Jonathan Mill

More than one million over 65s will need 24hr care by 2035, study finds

Andrew Kingston, Adelina Comas-Herrera, Carol Jagger

Very elderly people needing 24 hour care will double by 2035, study suggests

Andrew Kingston, Adelina Comas-Herrera, Carol Jagger

Numbers of elderly in 24-hour care set to double by 2035

Andrew Kingston, Adelina Comas-Herrera, Carol Jagger

The puzzle of Britain’s unhappy girls

Social care needs for over-85s predicted to double in next 20 years

Andrew Kingston, Adelina Comas-Herrera, Carol Jagger