transport & environment

Understanding Society explores how, why and when we travel and whether our environmental behaviour and intentions match up. 

Questionnaire Grid

Understanding Society has many modules that relate to transport and environment research areas. The following grid highlights which modules we ask, what types of information is included, and how often the modules are included. Some modules are answered by adults (aged 16 and over), whilst others are asked to the youth panel (aged 10-15).


How often asked?

Broad content

Data on adults

Environmental behaviour

Waves 1, 4 and 10

Environmental habits (including recycling, public transport use), miles driven per year, internet use

Environmental attitudes (self-completion)

Waves 1, 4 and 10

Self-perceived environmental friendliness, energy use, beliefs related to climate change, willingness to change lifestyle, speed of climate change effects

Commuting behaviour

Two yearly

Distance, difficulties of commute if travelling by car or van



Includes questions on commuting



Includes questions on commuting

Transport behaviour

Two yearly (from Wave 4)

Frequency of travel by private and public transport, frequency of cycling, reasons for not cycling, car-sharing, number of cars in household, car purchase decisions

Data on children

Environmental behaviour/attitudes

Two yearly (from Wave 4)

Mode of travel to school, energy use, beliefs related to climate change

Data on households

Environmental behaviour

Waves 1 and 4

Household recycling behaviour, use (or consideration of) renewable energy

Structural characteristics


Includes questions on number of cars or vans in household, whether car/van bought new or second-hand