Covid 19


Understanding Society has a special survey that asks our participants about their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Educational aspiration and attainment, school systems, transitions in and out of education and the long-term implications of education - Understanding Society can be used to investigate a wide range of issues.


Current employment, transitions in and out of work and career progression.

Family & households

Understanding Society includes information on all members of a household and its longitudinal design allows us to follow people throughout their life.

Politics & Social Attitudes

Political and social attitudes in the UK are changing. Recent referendum results highlighted divided views on European Union membership and Scottish independence. Understanding Society can be used to investigate the evolving political and social landscape.

Transport & environment

Understanding Society explores how, why and when we travel and whether our environmental behaviour and intentions match up.

Young people

Home life, school work, friends, family, plans for the future. Understanding Society asks young people aged 10-15 about their life experiences.