Share your syntax

If you have created syntax for the Understanding Society dataset you can now share it with other data users through our website.

Understanding Society has recently developed a new area of our website which provides Stata code for basic data management tasks.This area initially contains some simple commands and procedures written in Stata, for example merging household and individual level files, merging individual level files from different waves to create a long format file, etc. The area will be expanded to include the same commands and procedures in SPSS, SAS and R, and to include a greater range of data management techniques.

As well as providing data management syntax, Understanding Society would like to encourage data users to share the code they create when analysing these data. Sharing syntax helps other data users replicate analysis and better understand how research findings have been generated. It is also helpful for new data users to see how more experienced researchers have used the dataset. So, if you have produced syntax for creating variables and datafiles for Understanding Society that you think other researchers would find useful, please consider sharing it.

To share your syntax email the files, along with your contact details and citation details, to our user support team using the email

Shared syntax will appear on our website, with contact and citation details.