Insights 2020 is published today

Understanding Society has launched its ninth Insights report. This year we focus on three areas of research: social integration, work and health, and geographical mobility. 

Each year Understanding Society publishes Insights - showcasing innovative research which uses data from the Study and has relevance to policy makers.

Policy commentators include:

  • Adeeba Malik, QED Foundation
  • Fiona Aldridge, Learning and Work Institute
  • Andrew Carter, Centre for Cities

Topical chapters

Insights 2020 focuses on highly topical policy issues and each chapter tackles a different issue.

  • Chapter one looks at social integration and cohesion
  • Chapter two investigates the relationship between work and health
  • Chapter three studies how people’s geographic location can affect their health, education and family  
  • Chapter four reviews the latest policy fellowships which use Understanding Society data.

Insights is formally launched today at a discussion event debating social integration and cohesion. You can follow the event via the Understanding Society twitter.

How to access Insights 2020