COVID-19 survey: 96% of children not at school, 90% getting schoolwork at home

New data from Understanding Society shows that the vast majority of children were not at school in April, but that 90% were given school work to do at home.

Most of the school work was ‘offline’ in the form of worksheets, assignments or video clips to watch, with a minority of children getting live online lessons from teachers. Just under a third of students (32%) had one or more online live lessons a day.

The data also showed that most students who got homework and submitted it also got feedback on it. Sixty-five per cent said at least half the homework was checked by teachers.

The new data come from the Understanding Society COVID-19 study, a regular survey on the UK population’s experiences of and reactions to the pandemic. More than 3,600 parents answered questions about the type and amount of work which schools set, the resources children had at home (such as computers and learning materials), the time children took to do the work, and the amount of time parents spent helping.

The briefing also shows that boys spent less time studying than girls – 58% of boys spent more than two hours a day on their school work, compared to 70% of girls. There was also a gender divide among parents, with mothers spending nine more hours than fathers doing childcare and home schooling per week.

Read the home schooling briefing note here.