Health and biomarkers

Accessing the data

Most of Understanding Society’s data can be accessed via the UK Data Service, however for certain health and biomarker data, please see the different options below.

Data available from the UK Data Service

End User Licence survey data (for mainstage, nurse visit and Innovation Panel) are available to download directly from the UK Data Service.

Data are available to all bona fide researchers, who can demonstrate public interest. For full information on our approach to data access, please see the Understanding Society Data Access Strategy. Information on the main Understanding Society data files is available in our Getting Started guide. Here we only describe how to access the genetic and epigenetics data.

Genetic and epigenetic data are available directly from the European Genome-phenome Archive

Researchers who ONLY wish to access the genome-wide scan data and/or epigenetic data should apply directly from the European Genome-phenome Archive and new applications will be considered by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute’s Data Access Committee.

Genetic data and epigenetic data combined with Understanding Society survey data

Researchers who wish to combine genetic and epigenetic information with other data from Understanding Society need to apply to the METADAC. Information on how to apply and dates for the next meeting can be found on the METADAC website.

Please read through the Understanding Society Data Access Strategy before applying for access to genetics data. For enquires about applying for data access via the METADAC please contact For broader enquiries about the genetics information available please contact:

Future blood samples

Understanding Society has stored frozen DNA, plasma, serum and whole blood samples for future analysis by the research community. Applications to use these samples are also considered by the METADAC. However, if you are interested in analysing them, please contact Meena Kumari to discuss your ideas.

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