Innovation Panel

User guide

The User Guide contains information about Waves 1 to 11 of the Innovation Panel, which includes multiple experimental studies in which households are randomly assigned to a particular instrument or survey procedure.

Main topics include:

  • Introduction
  • Route map for users of Innovation Panel data

PART A: Getting Started

  • Access and user support
  • Citations
  • Record and variable naming conventions
  • Structure and content of data files
  • Derived variables, identifiers and other useful variables
  • Questionnaire content and instruments
  • Learning about the Study variables
  • Known data issues
  • Example Stata code for matching files

PART B: Further Details on Survey Design

  • Sample design
  • Data collection and fieldwork outcomes
  • Weighting

PART C: Experimental and Methodological Studies

  • Summary of Innovation Panel experiments
  • Procedural experiments
  • Questionnaire design experiments: general issues
  • Questionnaire design experiments: specific topics
  • Non-experimental studies
  • Acknowledgements

Innovation Panel Waves 1 to 11 User Guide

Additionally, the following document describes minor revisions to IP Waves 1 to 10:

Innovation Panel revisions – Waves 1 to 10

Details of the special licence variables:

Innovation Panel - special licence variables