Linked data

Geographical Identifiers

By matching postcodes of participating households to the Offfice for National Statistics Postcodes Directory (ONSPD) we are able to provide a range of geographical identifiers and linked geographical data.

Details of how the geographical identifiers are derived for each wave together with statistics on matches can be found in the following document:

Each link below will direct you to the UK Data Service – on these pages you can download the data by adding them to your basket. The study protects the confidentiality of its participants’ data which means access to some datasets is restrictive.

Main Survey

In the Standard End User Licence we provide country, Government Office Region (GOR) and condensed urban-rural classification.

If you need to access the more restricted Special Licence or Secure versions for other reasons these codes are also included.

Using our geographical linked data

We have linked a number of neighbourhood indicators using the responding households’ address information.

Linking your own geographical data

You can also access the official geocodes and enrich the study with your own data at these geographical levels.