Main Survey

Questionnaire modules

Use the Questionnaire Modules to see the areas covered by each section of the Study and the scales used for measurements.

Wave 9 (71 Modules)

Title Description
scasexorientation_w9 Self-Completion Sex Orientation Module
proxy_w9 Proxy Questionnaire
initialconditions_w9 Initial Conditions module
socialcare_w9 Social Care module
familynetworks_w9 Family Networks module
scapartner_w9 Self-Completion Partner Module
ownfirstjob_w9 Own First Job module
caring_w9 Caring module
parentsandchildren_w9 Parents and Children module
scyoungadults_w9 Self-Completion Young Adults Module
educationalaspirations_w9 Educational Aspirations module
partnershiphistory_w9 Partnership History module
benefits_w9 Unearned Income and State Benefits module
scalat_w9 SCA Non Co-Resident Relationships Module
youngadults_w9 Young Adults module
fertilityhistory_w9 Fertility History module
pensiondrawdown_w9 Pension Drawdown module
scachilddevelopment_w9 Self-Completion Child Development Module
familybackground_w9 Family Background module
migrationbackground_w9 Migration Background module
householdfinances_w9 Household Finances module
scaparentingstyles_w9 Self-Completion Parenting Styles Module
ethnicityandnationalidentity_w9 Ethnicity and National Identity module
migrationhistoryshort_w9 Migration History Short module
childmaintenance_w9 Child Maintenance module
scapolitics_w9 Self Completion Politics module
religion_w9 Religion module
annualeventhistory_w9 Annual Event History module
retirementplanning_w9 Retirement Planning module
scapoliticalengagement_w9 Self-Completion Political Engagement module
harassment_w9 Harassment module
currentemployment_w9 Current Employment module
newsandmediause_w9 News and Media Use Module
scapoliticalefficacy_w9 Political efficacy module
socialnetworks_w9 Social networks module
employees_w9 Employees module
casistart_w9 CASI Start module
casiend_w9 CASI End module
groupsandorganisations_w9 Groups and Organisations module
selfemployment_w9 Self employment module
scageneralelection_w9 General Election module
educationconsents_w9 Education Consents module
weblogin_w9 Web Login module
disability_w9 Disability module
jobsatisfaction_w9 Job Satisfaction module
scasf12_w9 Self-Completion SF12 Module
posnegevents_w9 Positive and Negative Events module
hhgrid_w9 Household Grid module
healthconditions_w9 Health conditions module
nonemployment_w9 Non employment module
scaghq_w9 Self-Completion GHQ Module
contactdetails_w9 Contact Details module
gridvariables_w9 Grid Variables module
healthserviceuse_w9 Health Service Use module
mothersreturntowork_w9 Mothers Return to Work module
scaneighbourhood_w9 Self-Completion Neighbourhood Module
stablecontact_w9 Stable contact details module
household_w9 Household Questionnaire
nutrition_w9 Nutrition module
secondjobs_w9 Second Jobs module
scasatisfaction_w9 Self-Completion Satisfaction Module
endofinterview_w9 End of Interview module
indintro_w9 Individual Intro module
exercise_w9 Exercise module
discrimination_w9 Discrimination module
scaloneliness_w9 SCA Loneliness module
interviewerobs_w9 Interviewer Observations module
demographics_w9 Demographics module
smoking_w9 Smoking module
childcare_w9 Childcare Module
scaalcoholconsumption_w9 Alcohol Consumption audit-c module

Wave 8 (65 Modules)

Title Description
benefits_w8 Unearned Income and State Benefits module
scalat_w8 SCA Non Co-Resident Relationships Module
gridvariables_w8 Grid Variables module
fertilityhistory_w8 Fertility history module
wealthassetsanddebt_w8 Wealth, assets and debt module
scachilddevelopment_w8 Self-Completion Child Development Module
household_w8 Household Questionnaire
annualeventhistory_w8 Annual Event History module
householdfinances_w8 Household Finances module
scaparentingstyles_w8 Self-Completion Parenting Styles Module
indintro_w8 Individual Intro module
currentemployment_w8 Current Employment module
savings_w8 Savings module
casiend_w8 CASI End module
demographics_w8 Demographics module
employees_w8 Employees module
personalpensions_w8 Personal Pensions module
hmrcconsents_w8 HMRC Consents module
initialconditions_w8 Initial Conditions module
selfemployment_w8 Self employment module
retirementplanning_w8 Retirement Planning module
contactdetails_w8 Contact details module
ownfirstjob_w8 Own First Job module
commutingbehaviour_w8 Commuting Behaviour module
domesticlabour_w8 Domestic Division of Labour module
stablecontact_w8 Stable contact details module
educationalaspirations_w8 Educational Aspirations module
jobsatisfaction_w8 Job satisfaction module
casistart_w8 CASI Start module
endofinterview_w8 End of Interview module
youngadults_w8 young adults module
workconditions_w8 Work Conditions module
scageneralelection_w8 General Election module
interviewerobs_w8 Interviewer Observations module
yahedecisions_w8 YA HE Decisions module
nonemployment_w8 Non employment module
scasf12_w8 Self-Completion SF12 Module
proxy_w8 Proxy Questionnaire
paredexpectations_w8 Parental Educational Expectations
religion_w8 Religion module
mothersreturntowork_w8 Mothers return to work module
scaghq_w8 Self-Completion GHQ Module
familybackground_w8 Family Background module
disability_w8 Disability module
secondjobs_w8 Second jobs module
scasatisfaction_w8 Self-Completion Satisfaction Module
ethnicityandnationalidentity_w8 Ethnicity and National Identity module
healthconditions_w8 Health conditions module
voluntarywork_w8 Voluntary Work module
charitablegiving_w8 Charitable Giving module
scaeumembership_w8 EU membership module
childhoodlanguage_w8 Childhood Language module
healthserviceuse_w8 Health Service Use module
transportbehaviour_w8 Transport Behaviour module
scaidentity_w8 Self Completion Adult Identity module
ethnicidentity_w8 Ethnic Identity module
smoking_w8 Smoking module
parentsandchildrenshort_w8 Parents and children module
scapovertyshame_w8 Self-Completion Poverty Shame module
weblogin_w8 Web Login module
caring_w8 Caring module
childcare_w8 Childcare Module
scyoungadults_w8 Self-Completion Young Adults Module
hhgrid_w8 Household Grid module
partnershiphistory_w8 Partnership history module

Wave 7 (71 Modules)

Title Description
benefits_w7 Unearned Income and State Benefits module
scyoungadults_w7 Self-Completion Young Adults Module
youngadults_w7 Young Adults module
partnershiphistory_w7 Partnership history module
householdfinances_w7 Household Finances module
scalat_w7 SCA Non Co-Resident Relationships Module
yahedecisions_w7 YA HE Decisions module
fertilityhistory_w7 Fertility history module
childmaintenance_w7 Child Maintenance module
scachilddevelopment_w7 Self-Completion Child Development Module
paredexpectations_w7 Parental Educational Expectations
migrationhistory_w7 Migration History module
annualeventhistory_w7 Annual Event History module
retirementplanning_w7 Retirement Planning module
scaparentingstyles_w7 Self-Completion Parenting Styles Module
familybackground_w7 Family Background module
currentemployment_w7 Current Employment module
politics_w7 Politics module
casiend_w7 CASI End module
ethnicityandnationalidentity_w7 Ethnicity and National Identity module
employees_w7 Employees module
attitudestotheuk_w7 attitudes to the UK module
consentsintro_w7 Consents Introduction module
religion_w7 Religion module
selfemployment_w7 Self employment module
generalelection_w7 General Election module
educationconsents_w7 Education Consents module
harassment_w7 Harassment module
jobsatisfaction_w7 Job satisfaction module
commonwealth_w7 Commonwealth Games module
benefitconsents_w7 Benefit Consents module
weblogin_w7 Web Login module
disability_w7 Disability module
nonemployment_w7 Non employment module
casistart_w7 CASI Start module
posnegevents_w7 Positive and Negative Events module
hhgrid_w7 Household Grid module
sleep_w7 Sleep module
mothersreturntowork_w7 Mothers return to work module
scasf12_w7 Self-Completion SF12 Module
contactdetails_w7 Contact details module
gridvariables_w7 Grid Variables module
healthconditions_w7 Health conditions module
secondjobs_w7 Second jobs module
scaghq_w7 Self-Completion GHQ Module
stablecontact_w7 Stable contact details module
household_w7 Household Questionnaire
healthserviceuse_w7 Health Service Use module
discrimination_w7 Discrimination module
scasatisfaction_w7 Self-Completion Satisfaction Module
endofinterview_w7 End of Interview module
indintro_w7 Individual Intro module
smoking_w7 Smoking module
childcare_w7 Childcare Module
scaalcoholconsumption_w7 Alcohol Consumption audit-c module
interviewerobs_w7 Interviewer Observations module
demographics_w7 Demographics module
nutrition_w7 Nutrition module
familynetworks_w7 Family Networks module
scawemwbs_w7 Self Completion Adult WEMWBS module
proxy_w7 Proxy Questionnaire
initialconditions_w7 Initial Conditions module
exercise_w7 Exercise module
parentsandchildren_w7 Parents and children module
scapovertyshame_w7 Self-Completion Poverty Shame module
ownfirstjob_w7 Own First Job module
socialcare_w7 Social Care module
remittances_w7 Remittances module
scapartner_w7 Self-Completion Partner Module
educationalaspirations_w7 Educational Aspirations module
caring_w7 Caring module

Wave 6 (104 Modules)

Title Description
scaghq_w6 Self-Completion GHQ Module
stablecontact_w6 Stable contact details module
migrationhistory_iemb1 Migration History module (IEMB)
serviceuse_w6 Service Use module
scaghq_iemb1 Self-Completion GHQ Module (IEMB)
voluntarywork_w6 Voluntary Work module
scascottishreferendum_w6 Scottish referendum module
interviewerobs_w6 Interviewer Observations module
disability_iemb1 Disability module (IEMB)
socialnetworks_w6 Social networks module
scalat_iemb1 Self-Completion Non Co-Resident Relationships Module (IEMB)
charitablegiving_w6 Charitable Giving module
scaneighbourhood_w6 Self-Completion Neighbourhood Module
proxy_w6 Proxy Questionnaire
healthconditions_iemb1 Health conditions module (IEMB)
bestfriends_w6 Best Friends module
casiend_iemb1 CASI End module (IEMB)
transportbehaviour_w6 Transport Behaviour module
scasatisfaction_w6 Self-Completion Satisfaction Module
demographics_iemb1 Demographics module (IEMB)
hhgrid_w6 Household Grid module
partnershiphistory_iemb1 Partnership history module (IEMB)
groupsandorganisations_w6 Groups and Organisations module
contactdetails_iemb1 Contact details module (IEMB)
childcare_w6 Childcare Module
scabritishness_w6 Britishness module
initialconditions_iemb1 Initial Conditions module (IEMB)
gridvariables_w6 Grid Variables module
fertilityhistory_iemb1 Fertility history module (IEMB)
disability_w6 Disability module
stablecontact_iemb1 Stable contact details module (IEMB)
benefits_w6 Unearned Income and State Benefits module
scyoungadults_w6 Self-Completion Young Adults Module
educationalaspirations_iemb1 Educational Aspirations module (IEMB)
household_w6 Household Questionnaire
ownfirstjob_iemb1 Own First Job module (IEMB)
healthconditions_w6 Health conditions module
interviewerobs_iemb1 Interviewer Observations module (IEMB)
householdfinances_w6 Household Finances module
scalat_w6 Self-Completion Non Co-Resident Relationships Module
hhgrid_iemb1 Household Grid module (IEMB)
indintro_w6 Individual Intro module
currentemployment_iemb1 Current Employment module (IEMB)
smoking_w6 Smoking module
proxy_iemb1 Proxy Questionnaire (IEMB)
savings_w6 Savings module
scachilddevelopment_w6 Self-Completion Child Development Module
gridvariables_iemb1 Grid Variables module (IEMB)
demographics_w6 Demographics module
employees_iemb1 Employees module (IEMB)
caring_w6 Caring module
personalpensions_w6 Personal Pensions module
scaparentingstyles_w6 Self-Completion Parenting Styles Module
household_iemb1 Household Questionnaire (IEMB)
initialconditions_w6 Initial Conditions module
selfemployment_iemb1 Self employment module (IEMB)
partnershiphistory_w6 Partnership history module
retirementplanning_w6 Retirement Planning module
scamodepreference_w6 Mode Preference Module
indintro_iemb1 Individual Intro module (IEMB)
ownfirstjob_w6 Own First Job module
nonemployment_iemb1 Non Employment module (IEMB)
fertilityhistory_w6 Fertility history module
domesticlabour_w6 Domestic Division of Labour module
casiend_w6 CASI End module
familybackground_iemb1 Family Background module (IEMB)
educationalaspirations_w6 Educational Aspirations module
secondjobs_iemb1 Second jobs module (IEMB)
annualeventhistory_w6 Annual Event History module
politics_w6 Politics module
consentsintro_w6 Consents Introduction module
ethnicityandnationalidentity_iemb1 Ethnicity and National Identity module (IEMB)
youngadults_w6 young adults module
childcare_iemb1 Childcare Module (IEMB)
currentemployment_w6 Current Employment module
politicalengagement_w6 Political engagement module
educationconsents_w6 Education Consents module
childhoodlanguage_iemb1 Childhood Language module (IEMB)
familybackground_w6 Family Background module
benefits_iemb1 Unearned Income and State Benefits module (IEMB)
employees_w6 Employees module
workconditions_w6 Work Conditions module
politicalefficacy_w6 Political efficacy module
healthconsents_w6 Health Consents module
language_iemb1 Language module (IEMB)
ethnicityandnationalidentity_w6 Ethnicity and National Identity module
householdfinances_iemb1 Household Finances module (IEMB)
selfemployment_w6 Self employment module
nonemployment_w6 Non employment module
newsandmediause_w6 News and Media Use Module
posnegevents_w6 Positive and Negative Events module
languageathome_iemb1 Language at Home module (IEMB)
religion_w6 Religion module
casistart_iemb1 CASI Start module (IEMB)
commutingbehaviour_w6 Commuting Behaviour module
mothersreturntowork_w6 Mothers return to work module
casistart_w6 CASI Start module
contactdetails_w6 Contact details module
religion_iemb1 Religion module (IEMB)
localneighbourhood_w6 Local Neighbourhood module
scasf12_iemb1 Self-Completion SF12 Module (IEMB)
jobsatisfaction_w6 Job satisfaction module
secondjobs_w6 Second jobs module
scasf12_w6 Self-Completion SF12 Module

Wave 5 (75 Modules)

Title Description
scalat_w5 Self-Completion Non Co-Resident Relationships Module
stablecontact_w5 Stable contact details module
youngadults_w5 young adults module
fertilityhistory_w5 Fertility history module
benefits_w5 Unearned Income and State Benefits module
scachilddevelopment_w5 Self-Completion Child Development Module
interviewerobs_w5 Interviewer Observations module
familybackground_w5 Family Background module
annualeventhistory_w5 Annual Event History module
householdfinances_w5 Household Finances module
scaparentingstyles_w5 Self-Completion Parenting Styles Module
proxy_w5 Proxy Questionnaire
ethnicityandnationalidentity_w5 Ethnicity and National Identity module
currentemployment_w5 Current Employment module
childmaintenance_w5 Child Maintenance module
scaidentity_w5 Self Completion Adult Identity module
ethnicidentitysub_w5 Ethnic Identity sub-sample module
employees_w5 Employees module
retirementplanning_w5 Retirement Planning module
scadelaygrat_w5 Self-Completion Adult Delayed Gratification module
language_w5 Language module
workplacecomposition_w5 Workplace Composition module
politics_w5 Politics module
scaalcohol_w5 Self-Completion Alcohol Consumption module
religion_w5 Religion module
selfemployment_w5 Self employment module
olympics_w5 Olympics module
scasocialsupport_w5 Self Completion Adult Social Support module
harassment_w5 Harassment module
jobsatisfaction_w5 Job satisfaction module
leisurecultureandsport_w5 Leisure, Culture and Sport module
scamodepreference_w5 Mode Preference
generalhealth_w5 General Health module
physicalwork_w5 Physical Work module
culturalparticipation_w5 Cultural Participation module
casiend_w5 CASI End module
hhgrid_w5 Household Grid module
nutrition_w5 Nutrition module
nonemployment_w5 Non employment module
casistart_w5 CASI Start module
consentsintro_w5 Consents Introduction module
gridvariables_w5 Grid Variables module
physicalactivity_w5 Physical Activity module
mothersreturntowork_w5 Mothers return to work module
scasf12_w5 Self-Completion SF12 Module
educationconsents_w5 Education Consents module
household_w5 Household Questionnaire
smokinghistory_w5 Smoking History module
secondjobs_w5 Second jobs module
scaghq_w5 Self-Completion GHQ Module
heconsent_w5 Higher Education Consent module
indintro_w5 Individual Intro module
fertilityintentions_w5 Fertility Intentions module
employmentstatushistory_w5 Employment Status History module
scascottishreferendum_w5 Scottish referendum module
hmrcconsents_w5 HMRC Consents module
demographics_w5 Demographics module
disability_w5 Disability module
discrimination_w5 Discrimination module
scasatisfaction_w5 Self-Completion Satisfaction Module
scaselfefficacy_w5 Self-Completion Adult Self-Efficacy module
healthconsents_w5 Health Consents module
initialconditions_w5 Initial Conditions module
healthconditions_w5 Health conditions module
childcare_w5 Childcare Module
scapartner_w5 Self-Completion Partner Module
posnegevents_w5 Positive and Negative Events module
ownfirstjob_w5 Own First Job module
caring_w5 Caring module
familynetworks_w5 Family Networks module
scyoungadults_w5 Self-Completion Young Adults Module
contactdetails_w5 Contact details module
educationalaspirations_w5 Educational Aspirations module
partnershiphistory_w5 Partnership history module
parentsandchildren_w5 Parents and children module

Wave 4 (67 Modules)

Title Description
domesticlabour_w4 Domestic Division of Labour module
hhgrid_w4 Household Grid module
casiend_w4 CASI End module
religion_w4 Religion module
jobsatisfaction_w4 Job satisfaction module
politics_w4 Politics module
gridvariables_w4 Grid Variables module
educationconsents_w4 Education Consents module
religiouspractice_w4 Religious Practice module
workconditions_w4 Work Conditions module
olympics_w4 Olympics module
household_w4 Household Questionnaire
benefitconsents_w4 Benefit Consents module
serviceuse_w4 service use module
nonemployment_w4 Non employment module
environmentalbehaviour_w4 Environmental Behaviour module
indintro_w4 Individual Intro module
healthconsents_w4 Health Consents module
generalhealth_w4 General Health module
mothersreturntowork_w4 Mothers return to work module
casistart_w4 CASI Start module
demographics_w4 Demographics module
contactdetails_w4 Contact details module
disability_w4 Disability module
secondjobs_w4 Second jobs module
scasf12_w4 Self-Completion SF12 Module
initialconditions_w4 Initial Conditions module
stablecontact_w4 Stable contact details module
sleep_w4 Sleep module
voluntarywork_w4 Voluntary Work module
scaghq_w4 Self-Completion GHQ Module
educationalaspirations_w4 Educational Aspirations module
interviewerobs_w4 Interviewer Observations module
healthconditions_w4 Health conditions module
charitablegiving_w4 Charitable Giving module
scasatisfaction_w4 Self-Completion Satisfaction Module
ownfirstjob_w4 Own First Job module
proxy_w4 Proxy Questionnaire
twins_w4 Twin module
transportbehaviour_w4 Transport Behaviour module
scaworkconditions_w4 Self Completion Adult Work Conditions module
youngadults_w4 young adults module
caring_w4 Caring module
childcare_w4 Childcare Module
scagenderattitudes_w4 Self Completion Adult Gender Attitudes module
partnershiphistory_w4 Partnership history module
remittances_w4 Remittances module
benefits_w4 Unearned Income and State Benefits module
scaenvironment_w4 Self Completion Adult Environment module
fertilityhistory_w4 Fertility history module
householdfinances_w4 Household Finances module
scawemwbs_w4 Self Completion Adult WEMWBS module
annualeventhistory_w4 Annual Event History module
savings_w4 Savings module
scyoungadults_w4 SC Young Adults module
currentemployment_w4 Current Employment module
personalpensions_w4 Personal Pensions module
scalat_w4 Self-Completion Non Co-Resident Relationships Module
employees_w4 Employees module
wealthassetsanddebt_w4 Wealth, assets and debt module
scachilddevelopment_w4 Self-Completion Child Development Module
familybackground_w4 Family Background module
selfemployment_w4 Self employment module
retirementplanning_w4 Retirement Planning module
scaparentingstyles_w4 Self-Completion Parenting Styles Module
ethnicityandnationalidentity_w4 Ethnicity and National Identity module
commutingbehaviour_w4 Commuting Behaviour module

Wave 3 (65 Modules)

Title Description
gridvariables_w3 Grid Variables module
groupsandorganisations_w3 Groups and Organisations module
childcare_w3 Childcare Module
scaghq_w3 Self-Completion GHQ Module
household_w3 Household Questionnaire
generalhealth_w3 General Health module
cogabrelease_w3 Cognitive Ability module
scaneighbourhood_w3 Self-Completion Neighbourhood Module
indintro_w3 Individual Intro module
disability_w3 Disability module
familynetworks_w3 Family Networks module
scasatisfaction_w3 Self-Completion Satisfaction Module
demographics_w3 Demographics module
healthconditions_w3 Health conditions module
familyaccess_w3 Family Access module
scabig5_w3 Self-Completion Big5 Module
britishness_w3 Britishness module
caring_w3 Caring module
parentsandchildren_w3 Parents and children module
scasexorientation_w3 Self-Completion Sex Orientation Module
initialconditions_w3 Initial Conditions module
partnershiphistory_w3 Partnership history module
benefits_w3 Unearned Income and State Benefits module
scyoungadults_w3 Self-Completion Young Adults Module
ownfirstjob_w3 Own First Job module
fertilityhistory_w3 Fertility history module
householdfinances_w3 Household Finances module
scabestfriends_w3 Self-Completion Best Friends module
scapartner_w3 Self-Completion Partner Module
educationalaspirations_w3 Educational Aspirations module
annualeventhistory_w3 Annual Event History module
childmaintenance_w3 Child Maintenance module
scalat_w3 Self-Completion Non Co-Resident Relationships Module
youngadults_w3 young adults module
currentemployment_w3 Current Employment module
retirementplanning_w3 Retirement Planning module
scachilddevelopment_w3 Self-Completion Child Development Module
familybackground_w3 Family Background module
employees_w3 Employees module
migrationintentions_w3 Migration Intentions module
scaparentingstyles_w3 Self-Completion Parenting Styles Module
ethnicityandnationalidentity_w3 Ethnicity and National Identity module
selfemployment_w3 Self employment module
politics_w3 Politics module
casiend_w3 CASI End module
religion_w3 Religion module
jobsatisfaction_w3 Job satisfaction module
politicalengagement_w3 Political engagement module
contactdetails_w3 Contact details module
localneighbourhood_w3 Local Neighbourhood module
nonemployment_w3 Non employment module
politicalefficacy_w3 Political efficacy module
stablecontact_w3 Stable contact details module
urbanrural_w3 Urban rural module
mothersreturntowork_w3 Mothers return to work module
newsandmediause_w3 News and Media Use Module
interviewerobs_w3 Interviewer Observations module
harassment_w3 Harassment module
secondjobs_w3 Second jobs module
casistart_w3 CASI Start module
proxy_w3 Proxy Questionnaire
hhgrid_w3 Household Grid module
socialnetworks_w3 Social networks module
discrimination_w3 Discrimination module
scasf12_w3 Self-Completion SF12 Module

Wave 2 (51 Modules)

Title Description
householdfinances_w2 Household Finances module
initialconditions_w2 Initial Conditions module
partnershiphistory_w2 Partnership history module
personalpensions_w2 Personal Pensions module
ownfirstjob_w2 Own First Job module
fertilityhistory_w2 Fertility history module
savings_w2 Savings module
parentaleducation_w2 Parental Education module
annualeventhistory_w2 Annual Event History module
currentemployment_w2 Current Employment module
retirementplanning_w2 Retirement Planning module
educationalaspirations_w2 Educational Aspirations module
employees_w2 Employees module
domesticlabour_w2 Domestic Division of Labour module
youngadults_w2 young adults module
selfemployment_w2 Self employment module
politics_w2 Politics module
familybackground_w2 Family Background module
commutingbehaviour_w2 Commuting Behaviour module
politicalengagement_w2 Political engagement module
ethnicityandnationalidentity_w2 Ethnicity and National Identity module
jobsatisfaction_w2 Job satisfaction module
generalelection_w2 General Election module
childhoodlanguage_w2 Childhood Language module
physicalwork_w2 Physical Work module
leisurecultureandsport_w2 Leisure, Culture and Sport module
ethnicidentity_w2 Ethnic Identity module
workconditions_w2 Work Conditions module
leisureaccess_w2 Leisure Access_w2 module
religion_w2 Religion module
nonemployment_w2 Non employment module
posnegevents_w2 Positive and Negative Events module
generalhealth_w2 General Health module
secondjobs_w2 Second jobs module
contactdetails_w2 Contact details module
nutrition_w2 Nutrition module
voluntarywork_w2 Voluntary Work module
stablecontact_w2 Stable contact details module
hhgrid_w2 Household Grid module
physicalactivity_w2 Physical Activity module
charitablegiving_w2 Charitable Giving module
interviewerobs_w2 Interviewer Observations module
gridvariables_w2 Grid Variables module
smokinghistory_w2 Smoking History module
childcare_w2 Childcare Module
proxy_w2 Proxy module
household_w2 Household Questionnaire
disability_w2 Disability module
benefits_w2 Unearned Income and State Benefits module
demographics_w2 Demographics module
caring_w2 Caring module

Wave 1 (37 Modules)

Title Description
religion_w1 Religion module
familynetworks_w1 Family Networks module
migrationhistory_w1 Migration History module
remittances_w1 Remittances module
partnershiphistory_w1 Partnership history module
benefits_w1 Unearned Income and State Benefits module
fertilityhistory_w1 Fertility history module
householdfinances_w1 Household Finances module
health_w1 Health and disability module
politics_w1 Politics module
caring_w1 Caring module
harassment_w1 Harassment module
employmentstatushistory_w1 Employment Status History module
environmentalbehaviour_w1 Environmental Behaviour module
hhgrid_w1 Household Grid module
currentemployment_w1 Current Employment module
consents_w1 Consents module
hhgrid_w1 Household Grid module
employees_w1 Employees module
contactdetails_w1 Contact details module
household_w1 Household Questionnaire
selfemployment_w1 Self employment module
stablecontact_w1 Stable contact details module
prepercalc_w1 Pre-person interview calculations
jobsatisfaction_w1 Job satisfaction module
interviewerobs_w1 Interviewer Observations module
demographics_w1 Demographics module
nonemployment_w1 Non employment module
proxy_w1 Proxy Questionnaire
initialconditions_w1 Initial Conditions module
secondjobs_w1 Second jobs module
familybackground_w1 Family Background module
discrimination_w1 Discrimination module
ethnicityandnationalidentity_w1 Ethnicity and National Identity module
childcare_w1 Childcare module
language_w1 Language module
parentsandchildren_w1 Parents and children module