"The study would not be possible without you. Every time you are interviewed, you are contributing to a unique study about life in the UK and how it’s changing.” Michaela Benzeval, Director of Understanding Society

New research reveals that young people are lonely

Young people today are feeling more distant from their family members and also from their close friends, according to a new Index of Wellbeing from the Intergenerational Foundation.

Researchers find even low levels of distress may increase the risk of chronic diseases

Researchers in Southampton and Edinburgh have discovered even low levels of psychological distress may increase the risk of developing some chronic diseases.

Social media's effect on young to be examined

How social media helps or harms children's mental health is to be examined by leading experts in social geography and mental health from the Universities of Portsmouth and Sheffield.

“Questions relating to my political views are thought-provoking”

One of our participants wrote in to say why she enjoys the political questions that feature in Understanding Society every year.

“Our interviewer is like our family friend”

“I will carry on with Understanding Society because it’s so fun and is a chilled conversation about life,” says one of our participants.

“It gives a good insight into our nation”

“I think it’s important for researchers to be able to track changes in people’s lives e.g. people getting married or getting divorced or having children,” says one of our participants.
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