Why attend the Understanding Society Research Conference?

Now in its seventh year, the Understanding Research Conference is proving a big draw for academics across the international research community.

Here’s just some of the reasons you gave for attending in 2013:

The chance to ask questions

“Everyone is very familiar with a single dataset, which puts us in a great position to ask questions. Not all conferences have this focus – I attended an event in Sydney just two weeks ago and there wasn’t the same opportunity for collaboration. There’s so much to discuss – we could do with one every year!”

Alexander Labeit, Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester, UK

A broad range of topics

“The conference definitely has a European feel to it, as well as being interdisciplinary – there’s a real variety of subjects. It’s good to get the chance to really dig into your subject and have experts comment on it without getting overly technical.”

Helena Meier, University of Cologne

Learning from others

“This is my first conference and I’m really enjoying it. I’m learning how Understanding Society can inform future dissertations for my team. The Q&A at the end of each session have been particularly useful. Everyone’s in a position to help each other and it’s very interesting hearing what others have to say.”

Madelaine Crosswaite, University of York

“It’s great to see so many people of different interests united by the same data and for this opportunity to share ideas.”

Antony Laverty, Imperial College London

Seeing the bigger picture

“What’s surprised me, and others here, is the focus on what Understanding Society means not just for those sampled, but for society as a whole. There’s less picking at data and more focus on its impact – something that’s reflected in the name of the survey.”

Marian Schmidt, LMU, University of Munich; Helmholtz Zentrum M√ľnchen, German Research Center for Environmental Health

“It’s been a very good introduction to the data that’s available and the potential that could be made of it.”

Stephanie McFall, ISER

In your own words…

Lara Tavares, PhD, Technical University of Lisbon talks about why she finds the Understanding Society research conference such a valuable opportunity.