Plans for Immigrant and Ethnic Minority Boost Sample

Lucinda Platt, Institute of Education (IOE)

New Immigrant Boost and Refreshment of Ethnic Minority Boost for Understanding Society

This facilitated discussion will introduce and debate plans for enhancing the research potential of Understanding Society from wave 6 onwards through a new boost of immigrants and a refreshment of the ethnic minority boost sample.

The discussion is a chance for users to identify the key research questions that such new boosts could address, and discuss their implications for boost sample selection.

Many key design issues for the boosts are not yet resolved. These includes questions such as how far should the immigrant boost concentrate on recent immigrants – and what counts as recent? Should the ethnic minority boost focus on the same groups as previously or should it attempt to target (as well as include) other groups? What are the limits, given different patterns of relative concentration and group size? As the boost will need to be selected using household-level screening, which is costly, how much should the chances of maximising sample size be prioritised over refinement of the sample? And for which parts of the boost?

The session will enable those with interests in this area to identify the best design to maximise the research potential of the enhancements, and to debate the trade-offs, and priorities between as well as within the two proposed boosts.

We’d like to know what is going to reap the biggest rewards for the substantial investment needed, and to involve users directly in considering these issues.