Annual findings reports

Insights 2017

The new report, Insights 2017, covers three key policy areas; low pay and work, adult mental health and work/life balance. The report includes featured commentary from Kate Bell, Trade Union Congress, Peter Cheese, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Paul Farmer, Mind.

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Insights 2015

Insights 2016

Understanding Society’s Insights 2016 features research and policy analysis from a wide range of social scientists and policy thinkers addressing some of the major issues of the day, using data from Understanding Society.

Insights 2015

Insights 2015

Understanding Society’s fourth annual report presents a collection of research that depicts the changing lives of individuals and households in the UK.

Insights 2014

Insights 2014

Insights 2014 highlights key findings from research that uses Understanding Society data. With commentary from BBC’s Mark Easton, Demos’s David Goodhart and Professor Sir Ivor Crewe.

Fidings 2012

Findings 2012

Second set of findings shows a society suffering the effect of deep recession and in which young people have been hard hit.

Findings 2011

Early Findings

The survey’s very first findings give a taste of the social landscape of the UK as the deepest recession for 60 years began.

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