The Policy Unit

Understanding Society provides independent, up-to-date evidence to decision makers in the UK and across the world.

We believe long-term studies can make a positive difference to the lives of people living in the UK. Our Policy Unit works with organisations to enhance their understanding of longitudinal research, facilitate knowledge exchange, shape new thinking and inform policy.

Policy Fellowships

Policy Fellowships support researchers who undertake a social science research project which has the potential to make a substantial contribution to informing and influencing public policy using Understanding Society data.

Data Notes

The Understanding Society Data Notes series gives brief snapshots of data on key issues.

Calls for evidence

07 Jun

Low Pay Commission consultation

The Low Pay Commission is gathering evidence in support of its 2019 report. 

They are interested in the National Living...

How we work

The Policy Unit works with researchers and data users to provide analytical support and build partnerships and networks. 

Sharing your research and generating impact

Information, advice and guidance on sharing your research with policymakers and generating impact.

Research Vouchers

Third sector organisations with innovative research ideas can benefit from research worth up to £10000.

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Contact the Policy Unit.

Young, female and forgotten?

The Young Women's Trust worked with Understanding Society to look at why economic inactivity is disproportionately high amongst young women.

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