The wellbeing and resilience paraxox

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Nina Mguni, Nicola Bacon and John F. Brown

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Wellbeing and resilience are linked: over time the quality of
anyone’s life will depend on a certain amount of mental toughness. But
are wellbeing and resilience two sides of the same coin or is it
possible to be resilient but have low levels of wellbeing? If so, what
characteristics are likely to lead to low levels of wellbeing and high
resilience, or equally important, high levels of wellbeing but poor
resilience. And what are the implications of this for policymakers?
This think piece explores questions about the relationship between
wellbeing and resilience. We set out our findings on the state of the
nation: what aspects of our lives contribute to greater wellbeing and
resilience, who is faring better and who is vulnerable. In doing this we
have looked at both individuals and communities.
Finally, this paper also looks at where wellbeing and resilience
unravel – those individuals and communities that report high wellbeing
but low resilience and those with low wellbeing but high resilience.


Area Effects, Social Networks, Psychology, Well Being, Societies, Social Capital and Health