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Quality profile

Find information about all aspects of the design and implementation of Understanding Society that may affect the quality of the data resource.

What’s in the Understanding Society Quality Profile?

  • Principles and procedures underlying study design, sample design, instrument design and data collection
  • Response rates for each survey instrument and each Wave
  • Rationale for procedures used for data processing, weighting and imputation
  • Profile of responding households and individuals
  • Discussion of ethical issues and how they have been addressed
  • Summary of resources available to support data users
  • Data usage statistics

It will help you to understand the strengths of the study and should reassure you that the highest international standards have been used at all stages. It may help you (in conjunction with other survey documentation) to decide whether the Understanding Society data is appropriate for the research you wish to carry out. It may provide methodological information that you want to summarise or cite in reporting your own research using Understanding Society data.

Download the Quality Profile