Our podcasts take a look at some of the issues that come from the Understanding Society study. They feature researchers who have used Understanding Society in their work and guest commentators who have a specialist knowledge of the particular topic.

Some of our podcasts are short, ten minutes or less, introductions to a topic, whilst others run for around 30 minutes and are more in-depth conversations. If you have a question about what you hear please do get in touch.

If you would like to feature in a podcast please contact our Communications team.



Our health and the environment we live in

The impact of deprivation on chronic stress markers and physical health.

The impact of working hours and job security on long term health

This episode explores how our jobs and job security affect our health and well-being. Our host Emma Houlton introduces us to two interviews, with Professor Tarani Chandola (University of Manchester) on the relationship between working hours and work-life balance and our health, and with Dr Claire Niedzwiedz (University of Glasgow) on the relationship between financial security and physical health.

gender equality

Gender Equality - the pay gap and beyond

In this podcast we're talking to the four panellists from our Insights launch. Fran Bennett, Monica Costa Dias, Sam Smethers and Helen Wright explore research findings and ideas surrounding the gender pay gap in the UK and what can be done to close it.

Biomarkers and genetic data

Professors Michaela Benzeval and Meena Kumari give a short introduction to the Understanding Society biomarker and genetic data.

White flight and the rise of UKIP

Professor Eric Kaufman from Birkbeck College, University of London, discusses his research making use of the BHPS and Understanding Society to look at White Flight and discusses what his findings tell us about the apparent rise of UKIP.

Poverty triggers and household change

Professor Nick Buck, former Director of Understanding Society, discusses two pieces of research using the study to look at movements in and out of poverty and household change.

Can video gaming be good for young people?

Dr Andrew Przybylski from the Oxford Internet Institute talks about research on the effects of video gaming on children’s behaviour and development.

Beyond Greenspace: the links between nature, health & well-being

Dr Ben Wheeler from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, part of the University of Exeter Medical School talks about the Beyond Greenspace research project, which is looking to develop a better understanding of the relationships between nature, health and wellbeing.

Being green - what we think and do when it comes to the environment

Professor Peter Lynn from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex talks about early findings from the ESRC funded project, The distribution and dynamics of UK citizens’ environmental attitudes, behaviours and actions.


Being a dad in 21st century Britain

Eloise Poole from NatCen talks about findings from the ESRC-funded study Fathers, work and families in twenty-first century Britain, which uses Understanding Society to explore fathers' role as breadwinners and parents in the UK and Europe.

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