Understanding Society. Some preliminary results from the Wave 1 Innovation Panel

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Understanding Society Working Paper Series


Jonathan Burton, Heather Laurie, S.C. Noah Uhrig, Mark L. Bryan, Carol Desousa, Laura Fumagalli, Annette Jäckle, Gundi Knies, Peter Lynn, Alita Nandi, Lucinda Platt, Stephen Pudney, Birgitta Rabe, Amanda Sacker, Emanuela Sala, Mark P. Taylor, Dieter Wolke, Renata Bottazzi, Thomas Crossley and Cormac O'Dea

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Understanding Society is a major new panel survey for the UK of 40,000 households containing around 100,000 individuals including children. Wave 1 of the main survey goes into the field in January 2009. Understanding Society includes an Innovation Panel of 1500 households for methodological testing in advance of the main survey going into field. A number of split sample experiments were carried at wave 1 of the Innovation Panel and an assessment of data quality issues across a range of measures were examined. The paper reports the results of both these aspects.

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