A review of new technologies and data sources for measuring household finances: implications for total survey error

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Understanding Society Working Paper Series


Annette Jäckle, Alessandra Gaia, Carli Lessof and Mick P. Couper

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We review process generated data sources and new technologies that could be used to improve the measurement of household finances. For each of these we review what is known about (i) the content of what can be measured, (ii) examples of research for which these data have been used, (iii) whether the data have been used as free-standing data sources or linked to probability sample surveys, and (iv) the quality of the data regarding representativeness and measurement quality. The review is structured around an adapted version of the Total Survey Error framework and concludes with a discussion of implications for survey practice and research needs.  


Information And Communication Technologies, Households, Survey Methodology and Finance

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