Understanding the role of Temporary Sample Members for Understanding Society

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Understanding Society Working Paper Series


Laura Fumagalli

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This paper assesses the value to Understanding Society of joiners, and whether there might be benefit to the Study of following more of them indefinitely, through a change in the following rules that would transform (some of) the current TSMs in OSMs. This analysis of Understanding Society also provides guidance to other panel surveys of the potential benefits and costs of extending the number of joiners followed. Our two research questions are: whether TSMs (who do not join the study as new-borns) are drawn disproportionately from policy-relevant sub-population which surveys generally struggle to capture in adequate numbers; and whether such TSMs provide good quality data. Of course the quality of data provided by these TSMs when cohabiting with an OSM may differ from the data they would provide when not cohabiting with an OSM, should the following rules be expanded to collect this.


Households and Survey Methodology

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