Briefing note COVID-19 Survey: the economic effects

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Understanding Society Working Paper Series


Thomas F. Crossley, Michaela Benzeval, Jonathan Burton, Paul Fisher, Annette Jäckle, Brendan Read and Hamish Low

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The Understanding Society COVID-19 study is a regular survey on the experience and reactions of the UK population to the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey is an integral part of Understanding Society and researchers can link the data from the COVID-19 survey to answers respondents have given in previous (and future) waves of the annual Understanding Society survey. The survey is funded by the ESRC and the Health Foundation. This briefing note explores the economic questions included in Wave 1 of the survey. The first set of questions looks to understand the size of the associated economic shock, the second set capture the ways in which different households mitigate these shocks, and the third set explore the consequences for individuals and their households. 


Lone Parents, Labour Market, Unemployment, Economics, Poverty, Welfare Benefits, Income Dynamics, Savings And Assets, Wages And Earnings, Household Economics, Debt: Indebtedness, Health, Finance, Caregiving and Covid 19

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