Briefing note COVID-19 survey: home schooling

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Understanding Society Working Paper Series


Michaela Benzeval, Magda Borkowska, Jonathan Burton, Thomas F. Crossley, Laura Fumagalli, Annette Jäckle, Birgitta Rabe and Brendan Read

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The Understanding Society COVID-19 study is a regular survey on the experience and reactions of the UK population to the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey is an integral part of Understanding Society and researchers can link the data from the COVID-19 survey to answers respondents have given in previous (and future) waves of the annual Understanding Society survey. The survey is funded by the ESRC and the Health Foundation. This briefing note covers the questions on home schooling in Wave 1 of the survey. The questions cover the type and amount of work provided to students by schools during the school closures, children's resources at home, including computers, free and paid-for learning materials, and the time taken by children doing and by parents actively helping with schoolwork.  


Information And Communication Technologies, Time Use, Young People, Education, Child Development, Households, Household Economics, Health and Covid 19

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