Held at the University of Essex, the Understanding Society Scientific Conference provides an international forum for the exchange of research based on longitudinal household panel studies. The Scientific Conference will include plenary speakers, parallel presentation topics, prizes, training workshops, drop-in sessions and data user consultations.

Keynote Speakers and Parallel Sessions

Tuesday 11

Richard Blundell

Professor Sir Richard Blundell

University College London

  • Plenary 1
  • Poverty dynamics
  • Geographically linked data
  • Family relationships
  • Divorce, health and wealth
  • Impact workshop – engaging with the media
  • Family dynamics using harmonized cross-national data
  • Politics
  • Employment
  • Methods and survey design
  • Income dynamics

Wednesday 12

Hilary Graham

Professor Hilary Graham

University of York

Heather Wardle

Doctor Heather Wardle

Heather Wardle Research Ltd

  • BHPS-Understanding Society harmonisation
  • Genetic markers as instrumental variables
  • Gender and employment
  • Ethnic diversity in the UK (part 1)
  • Wellbeing and income
  • Are we creatures of habit? Persistence and change in adult health behaviours in England
  • Features of Understanding Society
  • Household Finances (part 1)
  • Ethnic diversity in the UK (part 2)
  • CNEF workshop - introduction
  • Health
  • Health, wellbeing and ageing
  • Household Finances (part 2)
  • CNEF workshop - practical session
  • Epigenetics in Understanding Society
  • Health Economics

Thursday 13

Lucinda Platt

Professor Lucinda Platt

The London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Wellbeing (ONS symposium) - 4 x 20 minutes
  • The role of interviewers in survey measurement
  • Gender and parenting
  • Relationships, finance and living arrangements
  • Economics and Public Policy (IFS symposium)
  • Ethnicity and Identity: new perspectives
  • Features of Understanding Society
  • Longitudinal survey participation
  • Wellbeing and life satisfaction
  • Parenting, employment and health
  • Education


Workshop 1

Using weights and sample design indicators in Understanding Society – why, when and how?

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Workshop 2

Cross-national comparative research on migration using longitudinal studies

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