Main Survey

Long-term content plan

Find out which topics we’ve covered in the survey and what we’ll be asking participants in the future.

The long-term content plan allows you to quickly decide which areas of the study most suit your research interests.

The size and scope of Understanding Society makes it impractical to repeat all questions each time our participants are interviewed. Instead, the questions are divided into modules and some questions are asked every year, whereas others are asked every other year.

What’s in the Understanding Society long-term content plan?

Understanding Society includes modules that cover questions on the lives of all household members from birth. There are three specific questionnaires: for the household, for all adults (16+) and for children aged 10 to 15 years. The adult questionnaire also includes module for parents to provide data on children under 10 years, a special section for young adults aged 16 to 21 to link the youth and the adult data; and the extra 5 minutes of questions asked of participants in both of the ethnic minority boost samples and selective respondents from the General Population Sample. These are all described in more detail in the long term content plan.